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SEO (Search Engine Optimsation), is this important for my website?

“SEO Strategy”

Within the current economic climate, more and more business are turning to Search Engine Optimisation as a cost-effective way of increasing traffic to their website, which means it is becoming ever more important to ensure your business' website is not left behind by your competitors. There are a large number of businesses that are yet to understand the power and potential of the internet and online marketing, and the benefits it gives you in aiding your business’ growth and increasing turnover and profitability, but this is a trend in decline. It is becoming ever more important to ensure your business takes all the initiative.   

Below you can find some eye opening statistics that may shock you, and you will ask yourself if you can afford not to have an SEA strategy in place.

1. 36.8 million users in the UK spend on average over an hour a day on the internet.
2. £4.2 BILLION is spent online in the UK alone
3. 78% of internet users conduct product research online

I trust you are still asking yourself if you can afford to miss out!

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Google is the new Yellow Pages.

But to understand why it is critical to your business that you have a credible SEO strategy a few more facts & figures for you to think about:

1. 75% of users NEVER scroll past the first page.
2. 70% of the links search users click on is organic – NOT sponsored.
3. 10.3 billion searches are conducted on line EVERY month on Google.
4. 20% of monthly Google searches are for Local Businesses.

What this actually means is that if your website cannot be found on Google, no one will ever see it!
Making sure your website can be found high up on Google is not just an option, it’s a business must.